Client Testimonials

You are a life saver! Thank you so much. No matter how hard I looked all I could find was information on a G___ H____ and I was getting rather frustrated. It looks like the gentleman from M____ may be the man I am searching for and I can’t thank you enough for finding him… I appreciate the time you must have spent doing this and I am sure it will help me with this project. Again, thank you!
~P. Woolner, Curator, The Meaford Museum, Ontario, Canada

When I first came up with the idea of giving “family history” as a birthday present, I had no idea what a priceless gift I’d be giving. Nothing quite compares to giving a family member information about their history they didn’t already know. Thank you for not only sorting out family fact from fiction, but for also providing those small details that help paint a clearer picture of lives lived long ago.
~Dave Hackett, Ontario, Canada

Dear Kathy, you are worth every penny! Well done and many thanks. This information fills in many gaps.
~D. Farrand, Darwin, Australia

I am thrilled with all the information you have sent me. All I need do is give you a nudge, and wow, a wealth of information arrives. THANK YOU.
~R. Biccard, Johannesburg, South Africa

You are a star. How on earth did you manage to find the children of F____ and G_____? You managed to find out in a few hours what we have been trying to do for the past 6 months. [My wife] is over the moon with the information you have obtained.
~T. Stevens, Somerset, UK

Thank you so much – this is really good news! The picture you sent is great! I so look forward to the report.
~H. Laurie, Pretoria, South Africa