Thank goodness my old alarm clock was wrong. It was an hour ahead, due to the automatic Daylight Savings Time change, based on the old schedule from years ago. I thought I’d missed the census opening, but in reality I was early. I never noticed the time discrepancy all day yesterday.

The NARA site for the 1940 census was loading images just a hair before 9am. I knew the ED for my dad in Chemung County, Elmira, New York. But the page images were not loading. I discovered that even though I couldn’t see the images in the browser, I could download each image to my computer. I was able to quickly download one page at a time and I hit paydirt on image number 5.

1940 Chemung County, Elmira, New York census page image

There’s grandma Ruth Judge, grandpa John Judge, and my two aunts. But where is my father? Thankfully he is still living, and I’ve called him at his home to find out where was on April 16, 1940. But he isn’t home at the moment. Mystery! Perhaps he was with his half brother, which means a different ED search.

Interesting fact I learned about my grandfather. His 1939 earnings were $1000. I wonder how that translates to today’s money?